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本文摘要:Vicars are buying karaoke-like machines to play music during their services to solve the difficulty of finding an organist.为解决问题琴手无以招这一问题,英国牧师开始出售卡拉OK等设备,用来在礼拜仪式上弹奏。

Vicars are buying karaoke-like machines to play music during their services to solve the difficulty of finding an organist.为解决问题琴手无以招这一问题,英国牧师开始出售卡拉OK等设备,用来在礼拜仪式上弹奏。The electronic hymnals have a vast repertoire of music and can play anything from traditional Songs Of Praise to a disco version of Amazing Grace.这套“电子赞美诗集”罗列了众多音乐作品,可以播出各种音乐,从传统的《赞美诗》到迪斯科版的《天赐恩宠》,无一不包在。Church-goers who struggle to remember the words can look up at a big screen displaying the lyrics in time with the music for help - just like real karaoke.如期到教堂礼拜的人,如果记歌词较为吃力,可以参见大屏幕上与音乐实时播映的歌词,就像确实的卡拉OK一样。


The hymnal is controlled from a small screen in the pulpit or lectern and vicars can pre-programme their playlist to match their services.这本电子诗集是由讲坛或诵经台上布置的一个小屏幕掌控,牧师可以事前选曲好合适在仪式上播出的歌曲的列表。More adventurous parishes can add their own music from their iPods or MP3 Players to the system.更加有创新的教民还可以将其iPod或MP3中存储的歌曲传遍这一系统中。


It has already proved exceptionally popular with churches around the country that have struggled to find organists.在全英各地为找寻琴手而犯愁的教会中,这一作法大受欢迎。And Martin Phelps, director of the Surrey based company Hymn Technology, said that the hymnal device is already helping churches to revive flagging congregations.坐落于萨里郡的圣歌技术公司的主管马丁菲尔普斯回应,这一唱诗设备早已协助许多教堂挽回行将式微的教堂集会。Many of them have had the same organist for the last 60 years but when they retire, they have no one waiting in the wings to take their place.“过去60年来,这些教会中许多都雇用同一批琴手,不过当他们卸任时,却后继无人。

”Many dont have pianos or other musicians but they want to continue singing in their services.“有许多教会要么没钢琴,要么缺乏乐手,但他们都想要在礼拜仪式上之后唱诗这一活动。”A lot have tried CDs but you cant alter the songs, speed them up, or alter verses like you can with a hymnal.“很多教会曾试图用CD机来播出,但这样无法替换曲目或快进,也无法像翻看赞美诗集那样转换诗节。”Hymnals can mix songs together, change the tempo and store at least 3,000 as standard.“电子赞美诗集可以将所有歌曲还包括在内,转换节奏,而且最少可以存放在3000首曲子。


”They have a lot of music already stored on the system that is suitable for weddings, christening, funerals - any church service really.“诗集上存储了大量音乐,合适在婚礼、洗礼或葬礼仪式上弹奏,不滑稽的说道,各式礼拜仪式都可以。”Between 1950 and 1980 church attendance halved, and between 1980 and 2005 it halved again – down to 6.3 percent of the population, according to Christian Research.根据基督教研究院的统计资料,1950至1980年间,到教堂礼拜的人数增加了一半,1980至2005年间在此基础上又增加了一半,跌到至英国总人口的6.3%。



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